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Here we have everything community related. You got some funny game clips you want to share? This is the spot. You got some tactics you’d like to mull over with your peers? This is the spot. Maybe you’re bored at work and want to chat it up with other space gelatin’s. As you may have guessed, this is the spot.

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If the FAQ below does not answer any questions that you may have, be sure to check out the community discussions for a closer look. If anything, feel free to join the conversation and ask your fellow blobs!

Controller Layout

  • [PC] WASD/Arrows [XB] Left Stick [PS4] Left Stick
  • [PC] Space Bar [XB] A/RB/RT [PS4] X/R1/R2
  • [PC] Shift [XB] B/LB/LT [PS4] O/L1/L2
  • [PC] CTRL [XB] X [PS4] Squire
  • [PC] ESC [XB] Menu [PS4] Option
  • Move Blob
  • Fire Weapon
  • Dash
  • Power Up
  • Pause


  • Sony PlayStation 4
  • Microsoft XboxOne
  • PC - Steam
  • Arcade
Join our Discord channel and head over to #support-bugs. Be sure to leave a detailed description on how to repeat the bug.
If you already own the game, feel free to monetize your videos. Advertising should not interfere with user access to video. Unauthorized use of Armed and Gelatinous official soundtrack will result in monetization sharing.
Yes, we would love to supply you with a review code. To make things easier, we ask you contact us via a domain URL address. We will confirm the request and channel.