Armed and Gelatinous on Kickstarter


Armed and Gelatinous on Kickstarter

Pushing To The Next Level

Los Angeles, March 20, 2018 – Three Flip Studios has announced a full-fledged campaign on popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to complete the final stages of development on the company’s 2nd title, Armed and Gelatinous.

A fan favorite from PAX Aus and PAX South, the fast-paced bullet-hell space-shooter quickly reached 50% of its goal after the announcement the inclusion of an online-multiplayer component that is already up and running.

“It’s been an uphill battle getting the game to where it is today. I am very proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish without a publisher and I’m excited to see how far we can take the game with Kickstarter’s help.” – Rob Howland – Game Designer, Programmer

Nearing completion after four years in development, the development studio has asked Kickstarter to provide them with one final push to help bring the game to market.

“Our studio has overcome many significant challenges during the game’s development, which helped us to grow as a team.” – Anthony Prusakowski – Level Designer

With both the local and online multiplayer gameplay already completed, the main purpose for the crowdfunding campaign is to help polish up the game’s user interface and back-end systems such as cloud saving and online leaderboards.

“A number of smaller, behind-the-scenes development tasks have been left for last in favor of polishing our gameplay and making it super fun. These little mundane tasks piled up and unfortunately must be completed before we launch the game.” – Rob Howland – Game Designer, Programmer

With Kickstarter’s backing, Three Flip Studios anticipates Armed and Gelatinous to be released with online multiplayer on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam before the end of 2018.

You can view Armed and Gelatinous on Kickstarter at
More information can be found on the game’s official Twitter at or Armed and Gelatinous can be found on Steam at

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