Gelatinous Blobs In Space

In an attempt to create a better future and a peaceful planet, leaders across the globe have agreed to rid the world of weapons of destruction. As with all things, there are a select few who had opposed the idea, General Warhead was one of them. The plan was to launch all weapons into the far reaches of space, but unfortunately, the ship containing all of the Earth’s weapons collided into an asteroid spilling the contents throughout the solar system leaving them at the disposal of intergalactic space blobs and granting General Warhead a ripe opportunity to reacquire his beloved arsenal.

Armed and Gelatinous is a bullet-hell shooter developed by Three Flip Studios. Lay waste to your friends by absorbing as many guns as your blob can muster. However, the more guns you absorb the bigger you become and the slower you will be, making it that much easier to frag you… So think before you commit to a space grab! While the game is the very definition of chaotic, there is a heavy emphasis on strategic placement of your blob to maximize blob ballistics.

Gelatinous Story
  • Online Multiplayer Antics
  • Bullet Hell Playground
  • Couch Competitive Fun
  • Minigame Party
  • Gargantuan Gelatinous Growth
  • Dash Steal Weapons
  • Absorb All Armaments
  • PowerUp PowerPlay
  • Diverse Galaxy Arenas
  • Retro Arcade Throwback

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